eBay Spam

Every time I buy something on eBay, I’m frustrated by how much excessive mail fills up my inbox with repetitive garbage. Yesterday I purchased a new keyboard. Here is a chronological list of the subject headers that have flooded in over 24 hours. I expect at least 4 more to follow:

  • You eBay bid is confirmed
  • You won this item on eBay:
  • You have won eBay Item …
  • Your invoice for eBay purchase
  • Good news. eBay item …. (won)
  • RE: Item #  … – Notification of an Instant Payment Received
  • Thank you for your payment
  • Your package will be shipped by PayPal Shipping with UPS
  • Your eBay item has shipped

Nine e-mails. NINE! I knew I bid when I hit the bid button. I don’t need 4 e-mails all telling me that I won. I don’t need 2 e-mails telling me that the payment was received. And I don’t need 2 e-mails telling me the same shipping info. What is going on?

Here is what I want:

  • You won the item! Here is your invoice. Please pay here.
  • Your payment was received. Item will be shipped …
  • Item shipped, tracking number. Please remember to rate.

The only other time I want to be e-mailed is if I were possibly out-bid, I guess. Even then, I’m not so sure that would change how I use eBay at all.

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