While you were sleeping

I moved this site.

Notice, it is no longer on WordPress.com, but is now finally being hosted on my fancy shmancy long-time web host, Dreamhost.

(Sign up with my promo code, SAGHYFREEDOMAIN, and get $82 off your first year and get a free domain name registration! Limited time only, where limited = basically forever)

Note that the site moved, as well, to my personal domain name, briansaghy.com. It feels kind of weird reserving all of the saghy.com domain just for myself. It’ll still be around, for now. Any Saghy’s out there who want a subdomain or e-mail forwarder, let me know.

So the blog basically looks the same, acts the same, and is the same. Now, to figure out what to do with that photo gallery. Gallery 3, Piwigo, Zenfolio, SmugMug, or 500px. So many choices…



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