William and I headed to Columbus on Sunday evening, late as usual. We were supposed to leave around 4pm, but of course ran late by an hour and a half. Naturally, Matt & Katie expected this to occur, so it was not a problem at all. When we arrived in Columbus, they had dinner all nice and ready for us. We had some delicious thin-crust pizza which Katie flash-cooks in a 500 degree oven. For wine, we had a bottle of St. Vincent from Michigan which William had bought when we went to visit Derek some time ago. I didn’t like it as much as I remember liking it for our tastings, perhaps caused by pre and post Wines of the World.

We ended up watching the movie Clash of the Titans, a rather terrible film which was aided by a bottle of Chardonnay, a gift from Matt & Kattie to myself. Normally, I don’t care too much for Chardonnay, but when watching such a terrible film, anything that numbed my senses helped. And, to be honest, it really wasn’t that bad of a wine.

Today, William and I woke up late, and Matt headed out to work. We ended up watching some Naked Science on the National Geographic channel, and determined that it is very formulaic and completely awful. William calls the show “Is it real? NO!” Honestly, they spread what could be told in about 5 minutes over a 30 minute show. Is La Chupacabra real? How about the Loch Ness Monster? Watch for 30 minutes as we recover things you have already heard and then tell you that a pile of bones found is not actually the Chupacabra, but those of a dog. Oh, and the Loch Ness Monster was actually a boat, which nobody realized until we did this show! Please, what a waste of time.

After getting fed up with TV, we went to this bookstore called The Book Loft. If you visit the website, let me assure you that the interior is just as chaotic as their page design. This place was an absolute labyrinth. I was looking at Europe/Spain/Barcelona travel guides, which happened to be at this juncture of 4 different rooms/halls/cubby holes. As I was trying to compare guides, I would have to move out of the way ever 30 seconds for somebody to get through. Eventually, I moved in to one of the cubby holes to hide. I think I’ve decided to get the Lonely Planet guide to Spain, and the Rough Guide to Barcelona. I may have also decided not to travel to Slovenia this trip, as it will be simply too much to try to do in 15 days along with France & Italy. Poor Slovenia, this is the second time I may abandon it. I’m sure it will do just fine.

After getting lost in the bookstore, we decided to find a place to kill some time before Matt would be coming home. We wanted to go to a coffee shop, and there was a Starbucks across the street from the bookstore, but we really didn’t want to go to a Starbucks. William jested at going inside Starbucks and asking “Hey, are there any coffee shops around here?”, to the Starbucks employees. I told him that if he did, I would buy him a free drink, under the condition that we go to the other coffee shop, should they recommend one. William is a daring man, and he’ll do anything for free coffee, so sure enough he asked the Starbucks employee “Excuse me, we were wondering if there were any other coffee places around here”, and the guy said “yes, right across the street is Cup O Joe’s”, which happened to be right next to the bookstore, but we somehow missed it. I think I’ll consider Starbucks as a good information center for better places to get drinks from now on, rather than a place which serves drinks.

We then watched Harry Potter. It was good, but there were some scenes which left me confused and needed to be explained by those who’ve read the books.

Tomorrow, William and I will be leaving Columbus in the evening back to Pittsburgh. We will probably have dinner here, first (excellent!). I expect to be back home either late tomorrow night, or Wednesday morning.

Pat wanted me to wait until around 4:15 to post this message so that its timestamp would be consistent with my other posts. At first, I thought it was silly, but then I was trying to get spellchecking working, and it turns out that I will be posting this around the same time again anyways. Funny, isn’t it?

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