Pittsburgh [again]

After waking up at 1:00pm in Columbus and having a wonderful breakfast (lunch), Matt, Katie, William and I spent some time just hanging out. We watched a movie, called Saved! which was pretty entertaining. It features some great one-liners like, “No, I’m not OK, I just ran my van into Jesus!”.

We also played Trivial Persuit. Matt and Katie beat William and I pretty well. It turns out that we’re all pretty good with the brown (science) questions. I think Matt’s largest advantage is that he is the only one of the three of us that knows anything about sports.

William and I headed back for Pittsburgh around 8pm, 2 hours behind planned departure. We consider this right on time.

I originally had planned on heading straight back home from here, but instead I’ll be spending the night (morning) at William’s yet again. While driving to Pittsburgh, I had the idea to contact Nate again to see if he wanted to hang out, since we weren’t able to before leaving for Columbus. We wanted to go to a coffee shop, but after William and I walked down to Walnut street, we found that it was closed earlier than we had anticipated. So, we ended up catching a ride from Nate and going down to Mad Mex in Oakland. That was good. We caught up a bit, told some stories of Senior Design to William, and headed back to William’s apartment around 2am. Nate ended up leaving William’s around 3am… 2 hours later than he wanted to be out. This, of course, is right on time.

Now, again, it is nearly 4am. Someday, maybe, I’ll go to sleep before the sun is about to rise. Tomorrow I go back home, and I don’t expect to have any other major traveling. That is, of course, until I fly across the Atlantic in a couple of weeks. I expect to wake up around noon. I figure an hour to get out of here, 2 hour drive. I’ll probably be back home around 5pm… right on time.

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