Eighteen Years of Lecture

I meant to write this on Tuesday, the 9th. I was going to backdate it, but decided not to. It was, however, written in my notebook on that date, and is being transcribed here on this date. My good friend, Derek, somehow, seemed to know that I was going to write this as he had sent me an e-mail about this "latest blog post" which, at the time of his writing, didn't exist yet. It indeed really creeped me out, but maked me realize that I had yet to post it to my blog. Here it is:

So this is it?

The anti-climax.

The last class

de mi vida.

Eighteen years of studying

of sitting in lectures

of exams and tests and homework.

And I'm sitting here

hardly understanding a word

complex spanish vocabulary

of topics I'm not sure interest me

so much

so much

so much paper

so much walking

so much tardiness

so much time

so much experience

so many pens

and hours and bookbags and pencils

and calculators and shoes and crayons

and staples and eraser shavings and folders

and adgendas and wins and losses

it was all so much

And right now I feel so, so little.

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