The Streets are Always Wet

I guess once the initial barrier is broken, it is easier to write random thoughts about Barcelona. I should have done this a long time ago.

Wet Street

There is something that really bothers me about the streets here.

They are always wet. Always.

Sometimes they are completely wet, as if it just rained.

Other times they are only wet in patches. Small puddles around the street, in the center, or little rivers.

And it always smells bad. Always. Fish, urine, cleaning water, road water, mud. It smells.
I prefer to not know what the liquid is. But sometimes I do know.

Sometimes it is from a woman who just poured out the contents of a washbucket.

Sometimes it is from the BCNeta street cleaners who wash the streets with sea-water nightly.

Sometimes it is spilled beer.

Sometimes it is a puddle of urine collected from people urinating on the walls alongside the street.

Sometimes it is vomit.

But rarely, ever, is it from rain.

If you ever wonder to yourself why it is not acceptable in the States to drink and urinate on the streets, live in Barcelona for a while and you'll realize what wonderful laws we have and follow. In the meantime, I'll be playing hop-scotch while avoiding other people's mysterious liquid waste.

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