Palm Pre Cheap Cheap Charging

One of the major complaints of the Palm Pre is that its battery life is less than stellar. A simple workaround is of course to keep it plugged in. Carrying a charger around, of course, stinks. However, do to the magic that is IEEE standardization, there is no need for proprietary Palm chargers, as microUSB is available everywhere. For cheap.

I bought several of these cables for between $1.80 to $2.50 with minimal USPS 1st Class shipping from a great discount cable/adapter dealer, Monoprice.com. One for work, one for my laptop bag, one for my desktop, and one for my car.

Don’t want to spend $20 for Palm’s branded car-charger solution? I’ll admit, its a slick design but not really necessary to simply supply some voltage to the USB port. How about a $2 non-functioning charger, instead? (I’m sure there are others that can be purchased that supply more power).

Cigarette to USB adaptor
(Useless) Car Cigarette Lighter to USB Adaptor – $1
Micro USB Cable from Monoprice.com
MicroUSB Cable – 1.5 ft – $1.81

I tested it. It works hardly charges at all. Cheaply built piece of junk. I took it on a road trip and it couldn’t charge at a rate fast enough to keep up with the phone’s heavy power demand for GPS navigation. Perhaps a different, higher quality adapter would supply enough power. Who knows? It was worth a shot for $1.

That is the power of microUSB, choice. Thanks, Palm, for not being evil with proprietary connectors!

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