WebOS gets fixed. A lot.

A while back I wrote a post about what the Palm Pre and WebOS were missing. It has been nearly 4 months since I bought the phone, and Palm has made great strides in updating its feature set and fixing many bugs that I wasn’t even initially aware of.

Some of these same features took Apple a significantly longer amount of time to implement on the iPhone from when it was first launched. I am very impressed at how quickly Palm is able to adapt its OS and meet customer expectations.

Most of all, I am still trying to get used to owning a phone that is actually updated. My old LG CU500 had “OTA Firmware Updates” – but that doesn’t mean anything since they never actually released updates. The 2.5+years that I owned that phone – I had to deal with the same bugs and quirks – feeling left in the dark by LG while they only focused on coding for the next phone model.

Palm, on the other hand, is clearly listening to customers’ desires and complaints, prioritizing software updates accordingly, and executing on them in a timely fashion. Apple has really raised the bar here for expectations in support & longetivity of Smartphone operating systems, and Palm, in my opinion, is possibly pushing that bar even higher. We’ll see if that stays true as they begin releasing more WebOS phones and the Pre’s spotlight is taken away.

To see all of Palm’s fixes to the Pre & WebOS to date, here is a great WebOS Changelog

Also, please see my previous post for updates. As Palm releases updates, I try to keep my complaint list up-to-date so that prospective customers aren’t disuaded from buying a phone from outdated information.

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